Due to the FLOOD OF QUESTIONS. And REQUESTS In My Inbox About the KERATIN TREATMENT PERMANENT HAIR STRAIGHTENING LIVE TUTORIAL I Did on Saturday. I have Decided to OFFER THE SERVICE AT MY SALON AGAIN. The same rules apply that I mentioned in the video *I WILL DECLINE DOING THE SERVICE IF I FEEL Like THE CLIENT WONT TAKE CARE OF THEIR HAIR PROPERLY AT HOME Visit and Like my Salon FaceBook Page Dominican Doobies By Adwoa to watch more Live In Salon Tutorials and for Special Offers.

This is My Nieces Hair Back In 2009 (When I First Started Doing The Keratin Treatment Service)

Here's my Niece  Again Notice Her Curls Eventually Came Back. 12/30/17
 This Is my Nieces Hair Two Days After I did The Keratin Treatment You Watched In The Video Above. 1/2/18

Keratin Fusion Texture Control is an Innovative Salon Service that Instantly and PERMANENTLYTransforms Coarse, Curly, Unruly hair into Smooth, Straight and Manageable locks. Keratin Fusion Texture Control gently but effectively Transforms the Internal bonds of the hair and simultaneously Imparts Pure Keratin Protein to Both the Interior and Exterior of the Hair Shaft. When Done Properly Your HAIR WILL BE LONGER, STRAIGHTER and HEALTHIER.  THIS TREATMENT DOES CONTAIN CHEMICALS!