THE KERATIN GLAZING BLOWOUT (This is not the keratin treatment with chemicals its totally different, Once you shampoo YOU WILL STILL BE NATURAL)

This service is EXCELLENT for clients with Really Thick Hair.

The products are applied to the hair after being shampooed and conditioned .The  hair is than  rolled with rollers and the client goes under the dryer to dry. Once the client dries the hair is blown out  with a blow dryer and flat ironed. The heat from the dryer activates the products making it really soft, silky and shiny. This service will instantly repair split ends, mid hair splitting  and damaged hair. The products used are 100% CHEMICAL FREE and your hair should stay straight until you shampoo. YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR NATURAL CURL PATTERN AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE HEAT DAMAGE! I TAKE PRIDE IN CARING FOR MY CLIENTS NATURAL HAIR, WHICH IS WHY ALL MY CLIENTS HAVE HEALTHY HAIR AND THEIR HAIR IS GROWING DOWN THEIR BACK.