You hair has to be this length or longer to have a blowout service done. Clients with this length of hair Cannot get a Dominican Blowout but You Can Get any of the other blowout services or Smoothing Treatments.

This is actually a updated picture, the picture on the left  was sent to me a month after I did my clients hair on the right.

 This young lady is all natural and I have applied the products  I use to do the Keratin Glazing Blowout  which  is 100% CHEMICAL FREE!I have started rolling her hair notice the shine on the has thar has been rolled already.

Her hair has been dryed under a hooded dryer and I have removed the rollers and  I am blowing out her hair .Notice the shine and how straight her hair is. Remember this is all 100% CHEMICAL FREE!

 I have finished blowing out her hair

And this is the finished look notice the shine,I HAVE NOT APPLIED ANY TYPE OF OIL,OR SHEEN TO HER HAIR .This beautiful finish is from the products I used to achieve this keratin glazing blowout.The best thing about this blowout is that HER HAIR WILL REMAIN THIS WAY UNTIL SHE SHAMPOOS HER  HAIR. I recommend this blowout to the women that want the look,feel,and benefits of the keratin treatment without actually GETTING THE  KERATIN TREATMENT!

These are up to date pictures of the above clients hair one year later. Notice her hair is still 100% all natural. The keratin glazing is not a chemical service so your hair does go back to its natural texture once you shampoo. However it is a healthy treatment that repairs split ends, and any other hair damage instantly.

 This is how my cilents hair looked before The Keratin Glazing.

 And this is the finished look.

Hair before I shampooed

Hair has been shampooed 

This is the finished look.

 Same girl finished look notice how the hair seperates,it has lots of body.

Hair has been shampooed  

Thr keratin glazing products have been applied(they are 100% chemical free),hair has been rolled and dryed and now I am blowing out her hair.Notice the shine, itsall due to the products that has been dryed into the hair. 


 This is the finished look.

Before pic. notice her hair she is all natural. 

The rollers have been removed and I am blowing out her hair. 

I have finished blowing her hair out, now I have to flatiron to complete  the last step of the keratin glazing.

This is the finished look she had some hair that was split mid shaft,which her former stylists did which is why you see some frizz.As she continues to come to me I will reconstruct,trim and condition her hair back to health.

Hair has been shampooed and conditioned. 

Products have been applied and I have rolled her hair. 

Hair has been dryed and blown out with a blowdryer

 I have completed the last step which is flatironing  and this is the finished look.


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