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Welcome to my Dominican Hair Salon located in Irmo South Carolina. I am originally from  NewYork City where dominican hair salons are very popular.  I have recently relocated to South Carolina, and since I have been here we have been approached by  alot of women that want to stop relaxing their hair and they all have the same complaint.  "Their current  stylists dont want to put in the time and effort it takes to manage natural hair,or they simply dont do natural hair".They have also stated that there arent enough stylists out here that do Natural Hair! Well Ladies my salon specialize in Natural and Healthy hair care.  I work with all types of hair textures and you will never be told your hair is to thick or coarse to be done. Allow me to introduce to you the technique from the Dominican Republic called "The Dominican Blowout". This technique leaves natural or relaxed hair feeling and looking really soft,silky,shiny and bouncy. All of my Hair Straightening services are rooted from this Special Dominican Technique. And  for you ladies that are transitioning, your roots can and will be blown straight. It will look like you just had a touchup done minus the chemicals. AlI of the products that we use will make or keep your hair healthy because If You Have Healthy Hair,You Have Hair That Will Grow!

I don't use heavy oils, grease, gel or hair sprays when we style hair. I want our clients to be able to wrap, roll, or pincurl their hair at home without the worry of BREAKAGE. This is why my clients get the results they do. You know thicker hair, longer hair , healthier hair etc..... My Motto is "I Care About Your Hair".
What is your stylist motto and what are your


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The Client below hair has grown so much. All of my clients get the same Amazing Results from the Products and Services we offer at our Salon. My new Platinum Services are giving our clients 1 to 2 inches of new growth every month!